About the baha'i Faith

The Bahá’í Faith is an independent, world religion originated in the mid nineteenth century. The voluminous Writings of Baha’u’llah (Arabic title meaning “the Glory of God”), the prophet-founder, provide its scriptural foundation.  His teachings proclaim the coming of age of a new human society based on the principle of the oneness of humanity and universal peace.  The Bahá’í Writings have been translated into 802 languages involving 2112 ethnic groups. Baha'i communities are established in more than 236 countries.

Bahá’ís believe:

  • There is one God who is the center of devotion of all religions
  • All religions share a common foundation of moral and spiritual principle
  • Humanity is one human family

More information: http://www.bahai.org

The first Americans became Bahá’ís in the late 1800's. The National Baha’i Center located in Wilmette, Illinois was instituted during the early part of the 20th century. The Bahá’í community in Oklahoma City has been established since 1938.